Our Work
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Full service printing house

Marinex Print

Marinex Print is a full service printing house located in Baia Mare, Romania. Cutting edge technology customer-satisfaction oriented values along with over 40 years of experience ensure the quality and cost effectiveness their printed products
picture 1 Full service printing house picture 2 Full service printing house picture 3 Full service printing house

What we've done?

  • Backend programming
  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • SEO
  • Product brochure

What we've used?

  • php+mysql
  • jQuery
  • xHtml/css

Marinex Print

General Description

Changing the ownership of the company required a change in values and image, in order to reflect the new direction of the company in the Romanian market.



Our challenge was to develop a new corporate identity along with a tagline that would differentiate the printing house in the market. Also presenting the services and products of the company was one of the website's goals.



After studying the market, we came up with the concept "you think, we ink!" meant to communicate that Marinex Print is best suited for printing jobs coming from creative agencies.

The website was built from scratch, we've built a clean design and navigation. The CMS allows adding new products or services and modifying the existing ones. After just a few days since the website was live, it got on 5th place on google.ro for "tipografie full service" with just some onsite SEO done.


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