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Graphical Solutions

Grup Transilvae

Specialists in the printing business, Grup Transilvae asked us to create a custom website in which they could organize their products in solutions dedicated to specific printing needs.
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What we've done?

  • Backend programming
  • Website design
  • SEO

What we've used?

  • xHtml/css
  • Mailchimp Api
  • php+mysql
  • jQuery

Grup Transilvae

General Description

As leaders in their market segment, Grup Transilvae felt that a simple product listing is an out of date solution for them, so the project was a 100% redesign from their old website.



The challenge was to build a custom system that would allow them to combine products from different categories into solutions for specific niches of the printing business.

Also, an important part of the project was the onsite SEO, the challenge here was to raise their incoming search engine traffic from 28% to 45-50%.



Once we understood the specific needs of Grup Transilvae, we built a powerful custom content management system for them to enter information in the back-end, while for the front-end we've designed a website capable to filter the products they were selling by solution and brand. Also the news section allows the user to filter the news by a specific brand.

For those who are new in the printing market and don't really know what their needs are, we've created an application filter that allows them to select just the products that are suited for their own niche.

The front-end website's homepage focuses on online marketing. The events are promoted in the homepage and linked to news in the news section.

Grup Transilvae wanted a tool to manage and track their newsletters so we suggested mailchimp, they immediately agreed so we created the newsletter signup form using the mailchimp API. We also had to create different target groups for the e-mail campaigns.


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