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Web design Austria Incoming

Austria Incoming

Austria Incoming is a privately held company that aims to promote regions of Austria in Romania.
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What we've done?

  • Backend programming
  • Website design
  • SEO

What we've used?

  • xHtml/css
  • php+mysql
  • jQuery

Austria Incoming


General Description 

Made to promote tourism in Austria, the website offers complete information about tourist regions and villages. The rich offer of tourist packages and housing, makes Austria Incoming the center point for every romanian tourist that plans to have a vacation in Austria.


The main goal was to provide a solution that would allow Austria Incoming an excellent content management. A very important aspect in this project is the information consistency and it's reliability for keeping information updated.

For the B2B market, Austria Incoming offers its partner travel offices the ability to select travel packages and offers they would like to sell, allowing them to get displayed directly in the consumer website with all their contact details.


We have created a system that helps Austria Incoming partners by allowing them to display their offers directly into the consumer part of the website. The system has the ability to separate offers by summer/winter, and it allows the consumers to ask for a personalized offer. 

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