Our Work
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Digital Printing
MGI Digital Graphic Technology is a company that aims to bridge the gap between offset and digital printing. Due to their fast growth, they couldn't manage their website without a custom content management system.
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What we've done?

  • Backend programming
  • Website design
  • SEO

What we've used?

  • xHtml/css
  • php+mysql
  • jQuery


General Description

As a global company acting in the digital printing & finishing industry along with giants like HP, Kodak or Konica Minolta, MGI quickly realized that the internet is a big opportunity for them to inform their customers about their products and generate sales leads.



We were asked to create a clean and easy to navigate design, that would allow the company to present it's solutions, products and events but also capture important leads coming from customers around the world.

The content management system was built after a meeting with the client in which we presented various solutions to their needs, and prototyping the CMS based on their input.

Also the system needed to be SEO friendly, since the previous website had basically no on site SEO due to the fact that there was a language choosing page as a main homepage, but also a deficient hosting strategy.

As a global company with headquarters in France and USA, MGI had two different look alike websites for their visitors. This was hard to manage and it required a lot of effort to track and centralize visits, so the decision to switch to a single CMS with a single website came natural.



We have created a custom content management system that allows some of the content to be different depending on the language selection. The system allows multiple users to easily enter information that is well formatted in order to maintain a clean aspect and consistency in navigation.

Each and every page of the website is editable through the CMS.

Another important aspect was the onsite SEO. Our efforts helped MGI rank well in search engines for it's name and products, increasing it's visits by 150% in the first month.


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