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Sibiu Accomodations

Cazare Sibiu

Cazare Sibiu is a tourism website targeted on the area of Sibiu Romania. The system features owner access in order to directly manage his accommodation.
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What we've done?

  • Backend programming
  • Website design
  • Logo design

What we've used?

  • xHtml/css
  • jQuery
  • php+mysql

Cazare Sibiu

General Description

Tourism is constantly developing in Romania and our partners at Klain felt that there was a need for a local region-targetted system that would allow owners to add and manage their properties and accommodations.



Our aim was to build a website that would provide as much information as possible about a specific region and the available accommodation for the potential tourists.

The main focus was on the accommodations themselves as the core of the system. We were asked to find a solution that would allow users to easily find a place to stay in Sibiu.



For this project we created a custom system that allows owners to manage their own accommodation. The system allows users to upload photos, information about the number of rooms and also the prices.

Apart from these basic features, owners can also input their room facilities, sport and recreeation facilities and also the general facilities.

As for the users or potential tourists, we've build filters based on stars, price, unit type and area in order to make it easy to find what they are looking for.

Depending on the amount of information entered by the unit administrator, users can also find the unit on a map, get the GPS coordinates of the location and book by email directly from the website.


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