We are proud of our work!

These are a few of our clients and the solutions we have built for them.
Each of these websites have their own custom CMS.

web design and development - RMB Inter Auto
RMB Inter Auto, one of Tiriac Auto partners, sels Mercedes-Benz, Land-Rover, Mitsubishi, Ford and Hyundai automobiles in Cluj county. We have implemented a custom backend that allows the people inside the organization to quickly update the content themselves.
Austria Incoming website - Austria Incoming
Austria Incoming is a privately held company that aims to promote regions of Austria in Romania.
 - Monitorul de Cluj
Monitorul de Cluj is an online newspaper with news from Cluj-Napoca and national, politics, sport, finance and other domains of interest
Romanian ski days Event - Skipass
Having reached its third edition, the Romanian Ski Days event offers ski lovers the chance to combine skiing and fun with friends on their 1st of December mini-holiday!
Development - Cazare.info
A new collaboration with Klain company, gave birth to a national portal for both owners of accommodation units and those who want to quickly find accommodation units which meet their desired requirements, anywhere in Romania.
web development - vDesigner
Virtual interior design is a fast growing field on the internet. For this project we worked with Gecko Design Studio in order to build the back-end and the administration module for the application.
web design and development - MGI
MGI Digital Graphic Technology is a company that aims to bridge the gap between offset and digital printing. Due to their fast growth, they couldn't manage their website without a custom content management system.
web design and development - Grup Transilvae
Specialists in the printing business, Grup Transilvae asked us to create a custom website in which they could organize their products in solutions dedicated to specific printing needs.
SnowFest Event - SnowFest
Snow Fest is an event organized by Sfara Tours. The website informs it's visitors about every detail of the event, offering the possibility to book places to the event by filling a form.
web design and development - Marinex Print
Marinex Print is a full service printing house located in Baia Mare, Romania. Cutting edge technology customer-satisfaction oriented values along with over 40 years of experience ensure the quality and cost effectiveness their printed products
web design - Radiocom
Radiocom Romania is a publicly held company that provides broadcasting services for television, telephone and internet networks. We were approached in order to re-design their website.
web design and development - Cazare Sibiu
Cazare Sibiu is a tourism website targeted on the area of Sibiu Romania. The system features owner access in order to directly manage his accommodation.
web design - Spital Turda
Spital Turda is a city hospital located in Turda, Romania. Their main purpose of building a new website was to better inform the press and the citizens about the hospital's services.
web design - Andreea Campeanu
As a photographer Andreea Campeanu wanted a website that would emphasis her photographs, with a simple and easy to navigate menu.
web design - Upvision
A simple, clean website that allows users to focus on the works of Upvision.