Small, agile, flexible

These are our main characteristics, we’re not just web
designers, we go the extra mile in web design!

A few years ago, companies built their websites as brochures, probably the DTP guys being
the web experts that took over the task. Now you might end up losing more customers if you
have a site like that.

Then came the template era, anyone could build a website with a credit card a few dollars and
a WYSIWYG editor were the secret ingredients. When the template fashion changed (yes, there
actually was a template fashion), some guys made a few more bucks and changed the template
to accommodate the present style and that was pretty much it. The rules were simple.

When sites like geocities hit the market, anybody could have a website without any html
knowledge at all and the cards seem to have been dealt in the market, the perfect model was

But what about the flexibility? Keeping sites small and consistent, not having to maintain
thousands of pages? Well, that’s where professional web design was born! And that’s pretty
much who we are, the guys that believe that everything should be custom, as the client
requires it.

We can build anything starting from an idea, try us!