Clean, efficient, on-time

These are the main qualities of our work. We have optimized workflows that suit any project size.

Depending on the size of your project and the technology required, our workflow might be different from what you are about to see, but 80% of the projects will follow these steps:

  • 1. We meet the client face to face to get the chance to pick their brain about the upcoming project. We document everything into a project file that later on will become the “Project Specifications”. We ask them questions, try to convince them that some of our ideas are better than some of theirs, we never succeed in this first step!
  • 2. We implement the graphic design for the homepage, meet the client again, face to face or on Skype. We talk about the design, what goes where and why. We implement the changes the client desires (if any!) and re-send the design for approval.
  • 3. Once we have the final design for the homepage we agree on the information architecture and displacement for the remaining pages (in some cases we prototype them) what goes where and how the website should work in terms of usability.
  • 4. We proceed to building the CMS section by section, allowing the client to input their information even in the production stage, so that once we finish the development and testing, the website is ready to go live.